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Ridge to Reef Discovery

Perfect for the traveller who is keen explore the cultural depths and off the radar, pristine environment of the outer islands of Fiji. This isn't a holiday and may push you boundries a little but will be incredibly rewarding.
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Key Activities Include:
  • Four days of volunteering on locally run coral reef projects

  • Traditional village homestay

  • Discover Scuba course or two tank dive on the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ - Rainbow Reef Reef

  • ¾ day history and forest survival trek into the National Park rainforest

"I've learned so much while I stayed in the village. It's hard for me to put my experience into words other than it's one of those life changing experiences and it will always be in my heart".
Trine Ellehammer Christensen November 25, 2013
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Where we will take you

Route Map

Landmarks Visited On This Trip
Brief Itinerary
  • Arrival
  • Overnight ferry
  • Four days of ridge to reef volunteering
  • Kayaking and Hike in the National Park
  • Five nights in a village homestay experiencing traditional village life including a forest survival trek and Waitabu Marine Protected Area
  • Natural rock waterslide and International Dateline for a half day fun-filled trip
  • Return to Viti Levu either by plane or ferry
  • If returning by boat arrive in Suva at 7am catch minibus along Coral Coast to Nadi. If returning by flight arrive Nadi or Suva for minibus to Nadi
Taste Of The Island

Please budget for your own bottled water ($FJD3 each) if you don’t want to drink boiled water. We recommend two per day, you can buy it together with snacks at the local town before you go to your village.

Village breakfasts include lemon leaf tea, flour-based buns, banana and porridge.
Adventure breakfasts on the move consist of muesli with fruit and tea or coffee.

Packed lunches:
Village lunches will be similar to dinners and will consist of a variety of dishes made from locally grown cassava, dalo (both root crops), fish and local spinaches. Lots of food is cooked in lolo (coconut milk).
Adventure lunches on the move are a choice of roti (curry wrapped in a savory pancake - very filling!) or tuna or cheese and pickle sandwiches or soup with bread (food requests other than vegetarianism can not be catered for).

Village dinners are similar to the lunches

Prices And Availability
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  • 02/04/2018
  • 30/04/2018
  • 28/05/2018
  • 25/06/2018
  • 23/07/2018
  • 20/08/2018
  • £
  • US$
  • Four days of volunteering on locally run coral reef projects including a reef check and coral gardening together with associated training and materials
  • Discover Scuba course or two tank dive on the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’ - Rainbow Reef
  • ¾ day history and forest survival trek into the National Park rainforest
  • Village Sevusevu ceremony and all activities
  • Four nights village homestay in a small traditional village
  • All meals for 14 days
  • All accommodation including village homestay and cosy beach lodges
  • One way ferry to Taveuni in first class (flight or ferry independently booked)
  • Transfers and island transportation
  • Local orientation and introduction to island history and Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
  • 24 hour in-country support
  • Pre-departure support and information
  • Snacks and water
  • Return journey
  • Optional extras
  • Food on the ferry
Accommodation Details

Village homestays are really simple but very comfortable. They have generator electricity usually run on solar energy so electric access can be sporadic.

Please don’t use devices in public except for your camera, everyone loves their picture being taken.

Storytelling, singing, jokes and riddles during kava replace TV at night. Your versions will be welcomed with open ears and huge smiles!

  • Coral reef volunteering
  • Sea and river kayaking adventure
  • Village life and Marine Protected Area trip
  • Trip to a natural waterslide and international dateline
Detailed Itinerary


Pre trip

NB Need to arrive the day before the escape starts and spend the night in Nadi at your own expense. (escape starts on Monday morning at 10am)

Our recommended hostel will organise an airport meet and greet and then you will be taken to their hostel in Wailoaloa beach where you can pay at reception for your additional night’s accommodation. You’ll get a chance to catch up on some sleep, drink some kava and relax with the local staff.

If you have some free time before your trip commences we recommend the Mud Baths and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. Local taxis and the reception desk at you hostel will help you to arrange this. Otherwise there is a beach to relax on if you want to take it easy.

Day 1 – Monday

Travel by bus from Nadi to Suva

You will catch a local bus from Nadi to Suva, a four hour journey with the sea to the right along the stunning -Coral Coast. Once in the capital, Suva, you will have the chance to buy things you may have forgotten and stock up on snacks and juice for your ferry journey. Your guide will take this opportunity to shop for equipment if need be and buy your takeaway meal for the onward ferry journey. You’ll spend 15-18 hours overnight on the ferry – your first taste of true island life! You’ll be travelling first class in a clean, air-conditioned communal room where everyone sleeps on the carpeted floor. We can watch movies and play games to pass the time.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Arrive Taveuni. Welcome and briefing. Relaxing and adapting to the culture

On Tuesday one of our smiley taxi men will pick you up from the jetty on Taveuni and take you to the eco-lodge via the local town where you will have the last chance to use an ATM or go to a supermarket. We will make our way to a beautiful forest lodge with its own pristine beach. Volunteering activities are in the morning and late afternoon when it is coolest. During your ‘off time’ this is your opportunity to relax and absorb the all important ‘Fiji Time!’ while getting used to the heat and culture.

Day 3, 4, 5 and 6 – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Coral reef volunteering. Relax.

Volunteering activities are in the morning and late afternoon when it is coolest.

Day 7 – Sunday

Kayaking adventure

We will take a bus to eco-lodge 2 along the ‘Coconut Highway’ of Taveuni, a meandering and rather bumpy but beautiful track into the National Park. You will discover stunning waterfalls and kayak along a beautiful untouched rainforest coastline.

Day 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurday and Friday

Village life and Marine Protected Area trip

In the village you will experience the rare opportunity to be truly immersed into Fijian life. You’ll be officially welcomed with a traditional Sevusevu (Fijian welcome ceremony) where you’ll meet your host family and settle into your house. The first evening will be spent unpacking and adapting to village life with your host family. We will personally tell you all about the rules and cultural values of village life so you feel comfortable. This is a great chance for you to ask questions and get used to local traditions of island life.

When the tide is right you’ll visit Fiji’s longest established Marine Protected Area (MPA) to learn about how it is run and the wonderful marine life in and around it. You’ll see how this unique no-fishing zone helps improve reef quality and fish size as well as provide for the village.

During your time in the village you’ll spend mornings (until 1pm) and afternoons (from 3pm) on our volunteering projects unless you want to do school volunteering in which case its from 8am until 3pm. The village tends to wind down after lunch and you will probably need a siesta too as it is the hottest part of the day.

On one of these days you will go on a full day (six hours) forest survival trek far into the heart of the forest where you’ll pass ancient fortified villages and end at a huge and beautiful waterfall. You’ll learn traditional hunting practices still used by the locals; try to spot the endemic Orange Dove and listen out for the Barking Pigeon; you’ll hear stories passed down from ancestors and delve into Fiji’s history. In the evenings you’ll relax with your family, drink kava, help with cooking, play volleyball or rugby, and generally be part of island village life. Electricity is usually available for a very short time each evening.

Day 13 – Saturday

Natural waterslide, dateline and final dinner

It’s time to say goodbye to your host family and head back to the jetty area where along the way there will be lots of fun (and maybe bruises!) to be had on an exhilarating natural waterslide. From there you can jump from yesterday into today at the International Dateline before heading back to spend your last night letting your hair down with your group at a sunset restaurant. You’ll stay at a local, vibrant lodge where music fills the air and locals will sing the night away. A great way to end your stay on the lovely island of Taveuni.

Day 14 – Sunday

Leaving Taveuni (note: not included in the price)

Boat: $95 first class. Our guide will accompany you on your overnight return ferry trip back to Suva. You will then take a bus back to Nadi on Monday morning along the scenic Coral Coast Route. Your trip will end in Nadi on Monday afternoon.

Alternatively you can fly unaccompanied straight to Nadi if there is availability, flights costs about $FJD330.

Helpful Information


We advise arriving a day before to acclimatise.

Optional activities include: Pacific style wood-block printing, one hour island massage or remote island camping.

We work with local communities by taking you to them, this helps then improve their income generation options and boost eco-tourism in Fiji which is still a minority sector. All activities use local hosts and guides and ensure the environment and culture are top priority when making all decisions.

Please bring your own reusable water bottle to help reduce waste on the island. Purification tablets are also good if you don’t want to drink boiled water.

Details of your resort/lodge names and full itinerary will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed with 20% deposit.

We can tailor this trip by changing one of the activities according to your preferences, just contact us for more information.

You’ll be welcomed and remembered with open arms by our partner villages, guides, taxi drivers, cooks, fishermen, shop owners and even complete strangers. Fiji is just like that!

Thank You for Going Green in Fiji – Our little way of saying thank you for helping us preserve these stunning waters and pristine lands is to send you a hand-woven Fijian ‘voivoi’ door mat to your home. It is more than likely you will meet the women who made it and even if not, you will leave knowing that you not only gave 10% of your trip cost back to local projects but also provided direct income to local women who are continuing their traditional skills.