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Wildcrafted Volunteering


Student Volunteer Teaching Fiji

A really immersive teacher role based on a remote island deep in the Northern Fijian Division. Bring five friends and you go half price!
From: £1450
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Key Activities Include:
  • Two nights in a surf lodge to acclimatise.

  • Absorb authentic, Fijian rural life in a local homestay.

  • Three weeks of teaching a variety of Fijian Primary School curricular subjects including English, Maths, Science, PE and Geography.

  • Five nights of beachside chill time.

  • A two tank dive, weaving, yoga, shark snorkel, sea kayaking, jungle hike, kava ceremonies, rugby, village activities.

On our final night all the group came to our house with dishes to share. There were no men so the women were really relaxed and open! We all joked and laughed about lady things for hours. At this point I felt truly a part of
Chloe Croudance, June 2017 June 1, 2017
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Where we will take you

Route Map

Landmarks Visited On This Trip
Brief Itinerary
  • Two nights acclimatisation in a local, beachside, surf lodge.
  • Week One: Primary school teaching.
  • Week Two: Primary school teaching.
  • Week Three: Primary school teaching.
  • Week Four: Enjoy a well earned break in paradise! Indulge in island based relaxation; beach time, shark snorkelling, snorkelling, hiking
Taste Of The Island

Locally cooked dishes made by the village you will stay with including:
Dalo and cassava
Bele, a local spinach;
Fresh fish cooked in coconut milk;
Roast chicken
earth oven roasts, 'lovo'
And even Octopus!

You will also eat some western dishes on your trip. All food is generally not spicy and portions are big!

Prices And Availability
  • Start Date
  • 06/06/2018
  • 04/07/2018
  • £
  • US$
  • Authentic Fijian homestay.
  • Locally guided, jungle hike.
  • Self guided reef kayaking.
  • Self guided reef snorkelling.
  • Yoga (on availability).
  • Management of your £200 donation.
  • Domestic travel.
  • Orientation and briefing.
  • 24 hour dedicated host at your village.
  • Airport collection and return.
  • Five days at the end of the trip to unwind and discover the beauty of Fiji.
  • Three hearty meals per day.
  • 24 hour on island support from the Director, Kirsty.
  • General liability insurance.
  • International airfare - between £
  • Visa ($180/£70).
  • Snacks.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Extra activities and transport for them.
  • If not arriving on the arrival or departure date, airport transfers.
  • Beginners surfing lessons.
Accommodation Details

The dormatory at the beginning of the trip is six bed with private toilet.

All our Fijian homestays are hand chose by the founder of Island Spirit. Most rooms are comfortable, private doubles. The village is incredibly basic and houses simple in design.

Toilets and showers are private but often have doors with a twisty nail in the wood as a lock.

Showers can be bucket too if there is a drought which often happens at this time of year.

The camping during the final holiday is in a shared dome tent next to a river and close to the beautiful beach. Communal showers and toilet are a minute away by foot.

  • Relaxing at a surf lodge on arrival.
  • Three weeks of primary school teaching from around 8am until 3pm. You are managed by the Head Teacher but have control over your class and how you teach the allocated classes. We will give you detailed structure and guidance on application.
  • Self guided reef snorkelling.
  • Shark snorkelling.
  • Jungle hiking.
  • Tropical camping.
Detailed Itinerary

First two nights: Acclimatisation in a locally run, beachside surf lodge.

Week One: Primary school teaching in a remote, roadless village.

Week Two: Primary school teaching in a remote, roadless village.

Week Three: Primary school teaching in a remote, roadless village.

Last five days: Relaxation at the same surf lodge but staying in a cosy tent.

Please see the attached PDF for more details.


Example weekly schedule:



English Geography | Continents | Create a world map | Singing.


Maths | Colouring by numbers | Dominoes | Connect Four | Singing.


Science | Space, Earth/Sun/Moon | Model | Draw | Explain | Singing.


Science | Ocean Wildlife |How to protect our oceans | Reef safety, tides | Singing.


Physical Education | Football | Rounders | Obsticle course | Games | Singing.


Art | Create underwater scenes | Theatre/drama | Create own sea creatures.



Included activities including:

  • Waterfall, coastal or tribal hikes,
  • Two tank dive
  • Snorkelling, fishing and surfing trips with local guides for the island you’re staying on.
  • Church is usually compulsory on Sunday unless you specifically suggest otherwise.
  • Drink kava.
  • Weaving workshops
  • Reef fishing.

During your five day break:

During your five days downtime at the end you will be riverside camping, shark snorkelling, sea kayaking, jungle hiking, doing beach front yoga (on availability) and a weaving workshop, all paid for!

Helpful Information

The village we have chosen to work with was destroyed by Cyclone Winston in 2106 and the classes were still tents in 2017 so we hope there to be a school by the time the July, 2018 trip goes there.

We have been asked to return because they desperately need help. Government funding has taken ages and the Australian NGO who used to work with them have reallocated funds.

The teachers are teaching the 90 children in tough conditions with long contracts (most are from the mainland and have to allocate one year to a remote island as part of the teacher prerequisites.  Your assistance provides respite for them and time to dedicate to needy children while you teach classes.

Your knowledge and teaching style is fresh and new to them and regardless of how good you think you are you are bringing A LOT to the table. Remember, you are lucky to be educated in the west and your skills are definitely transferable.