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October 15, 2013

Tadra Womens Arts and Crafts Project – A new project is born

Written by Kirsty Barnby

Tadra Womens Arts and Crafts Project, Taveuni is now officially under the Island Spirit umbrella and will soon be supported by a AusAid volunteer.

3% of each guests Island Spirit escape will go straight into the fund for this project – that equates to at least $USD32 per person per escape.

  • It will increase local income for women all over the island.
  • We buy and sell their unique handicraft products in line with our partners in the US and Europe – more information on these to come later.
  • We are in the process of recruiting a volunteer all the way from Australia to help embark on the logistics of the project.
  • We are really concentrating on sustainability so the local groups can eventually  manage and distribute their products without us being involved. This sounds relatively easy but I assure you it isn’t! Not if it is done well and is completely watertight.

More on this to follow in forthcoming weeks.

IS x