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  • Weather

    The Fijian "winter" or "dry" season is from April to October and is a good, cooler time to visit.
  • Travel Advice

    Here are some tips on how to travel with with minimal problems.
  • Activities

    We have hand-picked what we think are the best activities if you are keen to go local and prioritise the environment and culture.
  • Culture

    I have often been asked: "Fiji? Culture? What culture, Europe has culture!" Having been in Fiji for so long, I am always surprised that people don't know about it's rich cultural heritage.
  • Food

    Fiji isn't famed for its cuisine as Sri Lanka and Vanuatu are. However, if you go local some wonderful fresh dishes will surprise you.
  • Getting Around

    If you know how, it's easy. We are here to show you how!
  • Getting There

    The remoteness of the islands has been beneficial in preserving the environment and culture of the 333 islands. Here is some advice on how to get here.
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