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June 7, 2019

The climate is changing in Fiji

The climate is changing in Fiji. The ocean dances, laps and weaves around the the hull as we hum through the warm tropical reefs. Founder of Island Spirit describes her return to the islands.
Bula! How do you make a napkin dance? put a little boogie in it!!! ?

I’m safely back in the grips of the islands…

Here the ocean dances, laps and weaves around the the hull as we hummm through the warm tropical reefs. ? “Yadra Kirsty”, I’m greeted by Suki as he prances gayly around his ship tending to this and that. ? ?
Fiji welcomes me back with wide, open arms once again – she never ceases to amazing me with her big hearted team of islanders. ? ??
Things are changing on the outside but her soul marches on ?. Where once lay mangrove, stand now shipping containers balanced like Lego; where there was jungle now there are fuel factories with Chinese logos; there were lowland fields, now a ‘breakfast cracker’ plant; once Suva was low rise, now its first skyscraper starts the city’s journey to the sky. ☝
That’s the main island ?, Viti Levu, or Big Fiji. On Taveuni, time stands still though. She’s not affected by incomers, she’s too strong and distant for that nonsense. ??Bridges are rebuilt to the same size as before, the teeny town with two ATMs is still the place to be seen; ??‍♀️the glassless bus still chugs the tracks and potholed roads three times a day; it still takes a day to get your shopping done. ??‍♀️ There’s is no mains electricity outside town ?and the Orange dove still takes endemic pride of place with the national flower, the Tagimocia said to come from the tears of the island princess of days gone by. ?
Lavena village, my home, still sits at the end of the coconut highway, ? a verdant track into the jungle, it’s nestled at the entrance of the Bouma National Heritage Park. Leke and Pate with their gang of mini troublemakers who run the village out of school hours will greet me when I arrive:  ‘Kitty’s here!’ I’ll do yoga with them, ??‍♂️read them Ronald Dahl, ? cook with them, receive their reef catches, ? draw, sing and play games together. This will be my home for seven weeks. Taveuni has one force to look out for though: the ocean dances, laps and weaves around her shores as we all hummm through life. The climate is changing.