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May 12, 2016

About Us

Written by Kirsty Barnby, Founder of Island Spirit.

Island Spirit don’t own a resort, a car or pay to do media advertising (one exception was when we were asked to feature in the National Geographic Islands Collection 2018, we couldn’t say no!).

We go local.

From volunteering on coral reefs to remote, island camping and yoga, kayaking and hiking adventures with local guides and surfing with stand up paddle boarding and even forest survival, all our trips cater for the open-minded and eco-conscious, traveller. A unique combination of local island knowledge, passion for sustainable travel, and unparalleled island experience provides the foundation for a unique journey.

We are here to help you organise your very own tailor-made, authentic island experience giving you a chance to truly get into the island spirit of one of our four extraordinary destinations.

There is no such thing as a typical escape with us – that isn’t what we are here for. We will enable you to combine your passions whether they be adventure activities, short-term volunteering, cultural immersion, or sustainability projects and responsible travel. We can design your journey to incorporate everything to suit your individual desires and needs.

We give every single one of our travellers the chance to be involved in their own journey more. We believe that the more you give, the more you get rings true. We work closely alongside local villages (in Fiji we work with eight and Sri Lanka three), businesses and guides because we believe responsible tourism is a long term strategy to increase quality of life for both the islanders, the natural environment and resultantly us the travellers!

10% of proceeds go towards our hand chosen, local community projects where they need the help most. These projects benefit the larger community. So there is a direct incentive to both keep the environment healthy and uplift the community. The most important thing is that the people living with wildlife are getting direct benefits from that wildlife.

As a small organisation, with a founder who spreads her time between the destinations, we are able to engage with local communities far more than most travel organisations. This makes the overall benefit to communities and individuals greater as they are a fundamental part of who we are as an organisation.

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